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Queen of the School


By Jill Quaintance, Expedition Leader, Safari Explorer

Did you know that many fish can change color due to social situations? Similar to birds, male fish are normally more colorful than females.

Most fish are hermaphroditic and can change sex to suit the social situation. If there are not many males present then the most dominant, largest female will turn into a male.

Fish can use color to communicate with each other or camouflage themselves to ambush prey. There are also unusual colorations that we do not understand. Queen on the School

We saw one of those this week at Oluwalu. We saw a yellow or golden chub or nenue. This fish is usually a drab grey color like the others in the school. Every once and a while one will turn yellow, Hawaiians call it the queen of the school. This color however is not associated with any social significance.

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