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Reflections of a Season


As they headed southbound from Alaska, returning to Seattle on their final trip of the season, the crew of the Wilderness Discoverer reflected upon the season and the question: “What was your most memorable, favorite moment of the season, since you first stepped onboard the Wilderness Discoverer?”

Alex – Overall, it was the surprise of how close I got to people and how many good times we had.

Aldo – Falling into the water off the paddleboard!

Alison – It was my final camping trip of the season. It was a great group of people, with beautiful weather, no bugs – couldn’t have been better.

Amanda – It was like a constant laugh track with the deck crew this season – I mean, snorting laughs. We just laughed so much everyday.


Lots of laughter.

Angela – Driving my first full skiff tour – it was through Ford’s Terror.

Annie – Hiking the Petersburg Mountain Trail with a really good group of people. ….Or waking up to the sound of bergie bits along the hull of the boat as we approached the glaciers.

Blythe – It was a mid-season Friday night, just after Captain’s Dinner, and we were just surrounded by a swarm of activity – humpback whales, harbor seals, birds.

Chella – The bonding that happens with guests on a long hike, like the hike and paddle to Patterson Glacier, and the shared sense of accomplishment.

Chelsea – After five years of anticipating this moment, I finally got the opportunity to wake guests and crew in the middle of the night for northern lights.

Danny – It was the overall experience of working on something new.

Dano – Taking the vessel through Dry Pass for the first time as Master of the WND. It’s really exciting navigation.


This wasn't his favorite moment, but we like seeing Captain Dano decorating cookies in the galley!

Evan – Driving the DIBs by the glaciers and watching them calve. I grew up around mountains, but glaciers are really something special. There were some great calvings this season.

Jeff – Traveling between all of the boats and getting to meet all of the different crews

Jesse- We’re not done yet! I can’t fully reflect on the majesty of Alaska or some such stuff while I’m still here.

Jo – When we had all of the whales breaching around us. And the orcas – when we get to see orcas…..there’s just something about them. They’re not a given. They’re so beautiful.

Jon – Skiff tours at the glaciers!

Justin – The bubblenet feeding humpback whales.

Kathrine – The downtime, when we’re not working, and we get to just hang out with guests and crew alike.

Kristen – It was the excitement and adrenaline of starting something new as I embarked guests for the first trip of the season.

Lee – Anan bear observatory. Hiking on Baird Glacier was also a highlight – it was even better than last year.

Liz – Bubblenet feeding humpback whales.

Mark – Anan.

Michael – Northern Lights…and the floatplane trip I took out of Ketchikan on my vacation, into Punchbowl Cove [where we go in Misty Fjords].

Nicole – Flipping a kayak for my first self-rescue attempt, dealing with the fear of being upside down under water, and then successfully rescuing myself on the second try.

Paul – Our crew’s “Christmas in July” party, and then unknowingly shooting my Secret Santa with the water gun she gave me.

Shaun – Going with Lee to Anan.

Ryan – The first time we went to the Brother’s Islands on skiff tours. There were sea lions all around. It was crazy. I was like a school kid.

Thank you to all guests and crew aboard the Wilderness Discoverer for a successful 2012 Alaska season!


Crew pile!

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