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The Safari Endeavour's Pastry Goddess


By Kenneth O’Brien, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

Traveling through the wilderness of Southeast Alaska is a great adventure. Sometimes its a strenuous, wet, exhilarating adventure as we climb mountain trails, push through wind and current in our kayaks, or bounce over waves in small boats on the way to landings on rocky shores and pristine beaches. After the outdoor fun is done, we are welcomed back to the warm comfort of the ship, with hot drinks waiting, hot tub ready, and delicious hot meals served with casual class.

Angela's finished birthday delight

The sweetest memories are often credited to the pastry chef, whose creations give a finishing touch to our energetic and amazing days. Angela is known as the Pastry Goddess on the Safari Endeavour. Like some galley alchemist, she turns fruits and flours into gold.

Preparing cappuccino creme brulee

Guests frequently utter "oohs" and "ahhs" when they see what she has in store for them, and squeals of delight are not uncommon. She’s the cherry on top for each of our unique banana split days, loved by passengers and crew alike.

Angela baking pretzel rolls

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