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Safari Endeavour Says Hola to Mexico


The Safari Endeavour departs for Baja this weekend. She'll travel for about 11 days, without stopping, to their destination - La Paz. Nine crew will be on the boat for this trip, and the rest of the crew will meet them in La Paz. This week her entire crew is training to prepare for the Sea of Cortés Luxury Un-Cruise Adventures.

Safari Endeavour Captain Jill Russell is oozing with excitement over cruising in the Sea of Cortés. She says it's her favorite place in the world to cruise, and she's cruised in a quite a few places. When I asked her what her favorite thing about the Sea of Cortés is, she had to think, because there are so many things that stand out to her.

"There's always a surprise. When you fly over Baja, it looks like a desolate desert. But as you get closer, you start to see a few colors pop out. And then you get even closer, and you see all the wildlife all over the hills, and the bright colors on all of the plants and cactus. And then you are on the water, and there's unbelievable biodiversity. It truly is the 'aquarium of the world,' as Jaques Cousteau called it."

She's spent 15 years on the Sea of Cortés and can't wait to get back for her 16th year. "Plus," she adds, "it's warm." (Jill resides in Seattle, WA)

Captain Jill gives her "Baja" talk to her crew.

Some extra exciting new stuff:
The Safari Endeavour is experimenting ways to reduce the fuel consumption and increase efficiencies. They've installed a Catalyst Injection System in both engines and both generators. This will make the fuel burn hotter, and that means less fuel will have to be burned. For half of the trip south to Mexico, they'll shut off one of the engines. The trip down will take a bit longer by doing that, but they'll end up burning less fuel.

Both of these efforts have been instigated by Dan Blanchard's vision for sustainability. Check out our other sustainability efforts here.

The Safari Endeavour cruises 7-night Baja's Bounty departures between December 2012 & April 2013. We look forward to seeing you on board!

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