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By The Safari Endeavour Deck Department (Mitch Kaufman, Licensed Deckhand; Ben McGauhey, Bos’n; Melo Misale, Licensed Deckhand)

Those of us in the deck department aboard the Safari Endeavour love our drills! We’ve got every kind you can imagine, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, DeWalt…

But seriously, our favorite drills are our safety drills. We run them every week, and that’s when the cool tools come out. Fire axes, fire suits with air masks, emergency medical kits and ring buoys are serious business and we hope they are never needed, but we get to use them in drills all the time.

If there were ever an emergency that required these tools, it’s up to the crew to use the education we’ve received and our array of specialty equipment to respond promptly and properly.

Fire suits with masks

Ready to respond in a fire suit and mask!

To stay sharp on those skills, we practice with drills. It’s actually a thrill. After all, what’s better than skimming the surface of Baja’s blue waters at full throttle in our specially designed fast response rescue boat?

Rescue Boat

Skimming the blue waters of Baja in a rescue boat

Well, perhaps better is the slow speed cruising with thousands of bottlenose dolphins, or the snorkeling with sea lions…but we digress.

To the deck department, drills are a constant part of our life aboard and thanks to Captain Jill’s surprise twists in these pretend scenarios-it’s never dull.

Mitch, Ben, and Melo are currently aboard the Safari Endeavour, cruising our Baja's Bounty itinerary in the Sea of Cortés. Need a break from the cold this winter? Join a 7-night adventure--we still have availability on departures through the end of March. We look forward to seeing you in Baja!

Safety is No Accident


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