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Scenery in the Rain


By Phil Hunter, expedition guide, Wilderness Discoverer

The melody of “Singing in the Rain” drifted off of the fantail of the Wilderness Discoverer early Tuesday morning. Soon it was swallowed up by the steady pitter-patter of precipitation while we were at anchor in Scenery Cove in Thomas Bay.

You see, we are no stranger to a little bit of rain in Southeast Alaska – in fact, we embrace the wet. We call it our liquid sunshine - the reason that our stellar geography of fjords and mountains is covered in a blanket of lush temperate rainforest. However, there are some days that set a precedent for incredible downpours. Tuesday was one of those days.

A little Alaska mud

It rained through Monday night clear into breakfast, leaving guests and guides alike scrambling to put on trusted raingear for the morning’s activities. It is usually at this point that a change in mentality occurs. Let’s say you’re going kayaking. First you think, “I’m going paddling in a downpour.” Then you think, “I’m paddling in a downpour in Alaska!” Your situation instantly becomes way cooler. Even with this in mind, the rain was relentless. It came straight down in little drops and big drops. It came at us sideways, and even seemed to come right up from underneath us at some points. All the same, we took our trips.

Pitter=patter of rain

We encourage and embrace adventure-seeking here at Un-Cruise Adventures. A little rain didn’t stop us from hiking on a glacial outwash plain, dancing in boot-sucking mud, or climbing rocky moraines. In fact, it didn’t even stop folks from using the hot tubs, attending yoga sessions, or taking a stand-up paddleboard out for a spin. Yes, we all came back wet, in some cases, soaking wet. Yet, we came back happy and excited for what lay ahead. Raingear was hung to dry, and we all cleaned up for a piping hot dinner put out by the galley.

Misty hikes

After all that, the next day was bright, clear and sunny in Wrangell, AK. However, we were all seasoned, vetted and ready for another day of adventuring in the wet – because, really, what is a little rain gonna hurt?

Kayaking and scenery in the rain

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