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Sarah Bernstein, expedition guide, Safari Endeavour, March 2016

The crystal clear water reflected the cobalt blue sky and the distinct sent of flowers filled the sea breeze air as we pulled up to the white sandy beaches of Montserrat Island. It was obvious spring was in full bloom in the Sea of Cortez.


As we wandered through this desert oasis, we were greeted by the beautiful pink, purple and yellow flowers of the blossoming cactus and desert plants. The beautiful and nearly endemic Adam’s Tree boomed from across the island with its bright red blossoms. On the other side of the water, Isla Catalina was also exploding in spring colors.


Isla Santa Catalina is one of the only islands in the Sea of Cortez that is comprised mostly of granite. The cove we visited is famously known for the elephant shaped granite rock. In addition to its amusing geology, it’s covered in giant barrel cactus as well as some of the largest cardon cacti I had ever seen.



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It felt as if we were walking in a Dr. Suess book as both were filled with blossoming buds over spiky green giant spines. With birds chirping and flowers booming – spring time in the Sea of Cortez is magical.

A Sea of Cortez Spring


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