A Shave and a Haircut for the Safari Quest


When a boat goes into drydock for work, staff and crew often say it's getting a "shave and a haircut," meaning it will emerge from the work shiny, clean and renewed. Such is the case with the 22-guest Safari Quest right now at Fishermen's Terminal, outside office headquarters in Seattle.

The yacht is undergoing work inside and out. As you can see in the photo at left, we are remodeling this yacht into a fishing boat style vessel.

The Quest?

Wait....what?! No, no, no. That's not it. Look to the right. That's the Safari Quest there under wraps.

hull work

The Safari Quest is part of the upscale fleet of yachts offering Luxury Adventures. It's the only boat in the yacht fleet with a white hull. Here we are grinding off paint and rust to create a nice, smooth surface in preparation for painting the hull. Can you guess what color it will be? It will no longer sport a white hull.


Another angle on the hull work

hole for camera

Now why would you cut a hole in a perfectly good, seaworthy hull? And at the bow no less?

This is why...

underwater camera

We are installing an underwater camera in the bow of the yacht so we can spy on sea creatures. You can sit in the lounge or in your own stateroom and watch dolphins and other marine life swim by. Now what's more fun than that?

There's still a lot to do inside the boat too. Wait until you see the refurbished A-deck Captain staterooms. Work is just starting there, and we'll have photos of work in process soon.

After its shave and haircut, the yacht will begin sailing weeklong adventures in Coastal Washington and British Columbia from March 29-May 3, 2013. Then it will head north for a full summer of Luxury Adventure cruises in Alaska.

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