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Slowing Down in the Sea of Cortes


By Dan Niebler, Expedition Leader on the Safari Endeavour

“Slow and steady wins the race.” We’ve all heard that before, but we rarely listen to it. We run through our modern lives constantly on the move, getting ready for the next thing, making sure we know everything that is happening at every moment. 

One of my favorite parts about working down here on the Sea of Cortes is how the landscape forces you to remember that old adage and reminds you of the beauty in slowing down for a change. 

Turn the cellphones off… we don’t have cell service here and even if we did, we’re too far removed from the modern world to do anything about it anyway! Instead, pick up a drink and a book and watch the world go by. It won’t move fast - we can’t cruise faster than 10 mph - and that’s fantastic. It gives one more time to examine the stunning coastline, marvel at the sunset, and spot that whale surface near the horizon – things we would glance right over back home. 

When we snorkel, we stop and spend minutes staring at one rock. As the eyes adjust, they take notice of the small things: the fish hiding in the coral, the sea stars clinging to the rocks, the tiny shells moving along at a (literal) snail’s pace. 

Kayaking against the wind? Trying to go fast will only make you tired and leave you blown back to the beach. It’s better to set an even pace. Slow and steady… it will get us there with time to spare!

When it’s time to head inland, we hop on the back of burros who will not be swayed from their gentle loping speed. Fall into the rhythm of their step and let the desert lull you back into a peaceful mindset. It’s better to have sure footing and a nice view than to rush through this experience. 

We move a lot back home. There’s a lot to do. And when it starts catching up with us, there is no better way to find your center again and relearn to relax than to head down south and soak up the sun. Baja reminds me of this every time I am here. It really puts the UNrushed in UnCruise.

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