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Part 2: Linda C. gets up close with sea lions in the Sea of Cortés

Now we return to Linda's experience sailing aboard the 86-guest Safari Endeavour in Mexico's Sea of Cortés. As we mentioned in the first blog post about her trip, Linda is our manager of reservations and she is working on this Luxury Adventure. Yes, working! This is important research all employees must do so that we can better describe what we mean by an "Un-Cruise Adventure." It's different I tell you. Different. And now back to the sea lions.

A highlight for many people on this trip is the chance to get up close, nose to nose, with young sea lion pups swimming in the sea.

sea lion

A snorkeler follows along behind an energeting young sea lion pup

On this particular day, you need to be prepared to rise early. We purposefully plan this activity first thing in the morning before any day tour boats arrive from La Paz. We like to be first so that there's no one else around. So you'll don your wetsuit and grab your snorkel and fins--all provided by us on the boat--and be ready to go at about 8:30 am. We'll go snorkeling in small groups. A short skiff ride takes you offshore of Los Islotes, a small rocky island sticking up out of the sea and a favorite hangout for the sea lions.

Los Islotes

A skiff heading out to Los Islotes

Getting into the water with the sea lions may take some gumption for a few, but most people eagerly jump in. Remember, the sea lions are very curious about you, and most of the sea lions around are very young. They are here to play. Linda says she was in the water for about 45 minutes snorkeling among them. The sea lions may approach you and gaze in your eyes, playfully poke you and do their water ballet as they play around you.

snorkeling with sea lions

A playful pup zooms nearby

The Expedition Leader is in the water with you and the skiff is nearby when you decide to get out. Linda says you will also see lots of colorful fish and birds diving into the water all around you such as pelicans and even blue-footed boobies. One more reason why the Sea of Cortés is called the Galapagos of the north. There is diverse life here on land and in the sea.

skiff back

Thumbs up on the skiff ride back to the boat

After all snorkelers in your group are back on board, take a short skiff ride back to your floating home, strip off your wet suit, and jump in the hot tub. (You should have your swimsuit on underneath folks. This is a family atmosphere.) Ahhh. Linda says the hot tub is a very popular place to be after this excursion. Good thing there are two on this boat. And you won't believe this.....your crew serves hot beverages--spiked or straight--to you in the hot tub. Now this is living!

For those that don't want to get in the water with the sea lions, don't worry, you can still see them up close. The crew will take people out on skiff tours exploring the area. There are so many sea lions around on land and in the water, you are sure to have a good view. Many snorkelers opt to go out on the skiff for a different view of the sea lions and their habitat.

Thanks for the research on this Un-Cruise experience Linda.

Snorkeling with Playful Sea Lions


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