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​“So…Where to next?”


Krista Koehn, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Discoverer

What better way is there to get to know someone than walking through the woods together, exploring island cliffs in a tandem kayak or squeezing into the tightest spaces we can find… like 14mm of neoprene?

After full days of adventuring together, guests and crew can’t help but build friendships.

As we get to know each other, our guests often ask, “So…where to next?” Intrigued by the seasonal lifestyle and genuinely interested in our lives, they want to know what the heck do we do when the season ends?!

Our answers run the gamut:

Some of us stay on for winter as guides on the vessels that head south. We trade out our rain gear for sunscreen and our neoprene for baggies, and chase summer all the way down to Baja, Hawaii, or Central America.

Some of us embrace the winter and find work at ski resorts or back at home with our loved ones all across the country.

Some of us help out in port prepping the vessels for next season. After all, these boats don’t clean themselves!

Some of us relish our new found (f)unemployment and drop everything to go travel. Southeast Asia, New Zealand and South America are just a few of the spots at the top of our lists.

But all of us, no matter what we’re doing, find joy in the change of seasons and adventure in the inconsistencies of a seasonal lifestyle.

New friends, we all know that adventure awaits! We challenge you to answer the same question, “So…where to next?”

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