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Spirits and Waters


By Melina Coogan, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

The talented and creative bartenders on the Safari Endeavour allow you to drink Alaska. Guests come back on board after a day paddling the cool, turquoise water of Reid Glacier and are greeted with an equally cool and refreshing Cucumber Camio: vodka and triple sec, a hint of huckleberry liquor to reflect the berries growing wild along the shoreline, cucumber slice floating as pale and delicate as brash.


Jenn mixes up a unique Alaskan cocktail in the bar on the Safari Endeavour

On the small boats out to the massive and awe-inspiring Dawes glacier, the bartenders pack us thermoses of hot chocolate and a bottle of peppermint schnapps, a taste as refreshing as the stinging glacial air, as sharp as the bricks of ice calving off the glacier’s terminus.

After the jungle-gym Cascade Creek hike, trade in dark, rich, knee-deep mud for rich coffee and dark crème de cacao. Trade the sandy beaches of Iyoukeen Inlet for the graham-cracker crusted rim of your Brandy Alexander. Sip a Meyer Lemon Cosmo on the bow as the sun blazes its way through the ubiquitous Alaskan Mist and a Cherry Kamikaze after your polar-bear dip in Icy Straight.


Cocktail of the day: A Brandy Alexander

Our bartenders are artists, drawing their inspiration from the spirited waters of the Inside Passage.

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