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Springtime in Alaska


By Sarah Bernstein, expedition guide, Wilderness Adventurer

Hiking and exploring Southeast Alaska in the early spring is a real treat.

Wilderness Adventurer

Exploring Southeast Alaska by kayak from the Wilderness Adventurer

The forests are springing to life as fiddle heads unfold covering the forest floor in delicate leafy ferns. Salmon berry flowers are blossoming and skunk cabbage abounds in and around the soft fertile soil of creek beds.

spring growth

Spring has sprung in Alaska. See all this skunk cabbage?
Bears love to chow on it when they emerge from their winter sleep. It gets things "moving...!"

This week’s trip had the first venture to Baird Glacier of the season. The hike was spectacular and the glacial lake had shifted since last season. Later on in the week while cruising through Fredrick Sound, there were quite a few humpback whales who gave us quite a show!

There were also multiple bear sightings this week. On our first day at Endicott Arm, we saw a brown bear pulling a mountain goat up the steep cliffs of “no name” cove. More brown bear sightings happened at the end of the week when we saw a mother and her two cubs scouring the beach for clams and other tasty snacks.


Icebergs break off tidewater glaciers and become otherworldly floating sculptures

It was a great cruise, and we are excited to see what else will spring up as we get into this year’s season.

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