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The S.S. Legacy is Christened


The sun shined, people clapped, champagne was drunk, and the S.S. Legacy was christened. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to celebrate the time-honored tradition of christening a vessel.

Hundreds of visitors and prospectors gathered as the sound of a powerful steam whistle blew. The crew of the S.S. Legacy gathered on the top deck in front of the bridge to watch the ceremony. Captain & CEO Dan Blanchard lead the presenters to the podium where onlookers gathered with champagne in hand. Dan, in costume, introduced the ceremony by playing Michael J. Willett, his great-grandfather. He began by dedicating the day to a friend of many in the cruising industry. Kris Strinsky, who recently passed away, had been the Captain of the S.S. Legacy in one of her previous lives when she was the Spirit of ’98.

We witnessed Native blessings by Ray Gardner, Chairman of the Chinook Tribal Council on the Columbia River; and by Joe Williams of the Tlingit tribe in Southeast Alaska.

Joe Williams presents his blessing

Joe Williams blesses the S.S. Legacy, with Captain Dano Quinn and Dan Blanchard next to him

Jules Verne and H.G. Wells both made an appearance. Ok not really, but crew in costume played their characters. Dan and Tim Jacox, EVP of Sales & Marketing handed over the mantle of command to Captain Dano Quinn and Chief Mate Kevin Martin.

Dan Blanchard & JeeSook Kutz

Dan with JeeSook Kutz, S.S. Legacy Godmother

As the final part of the ceremony, Dan introduced JeeSook Kutz, the UCA Controller, as the new Godmother of the S.S. Legacy. JeeSook spoke from aboard the bow of the vessel, and here’s a bit of what she said.

"When Dan first asked me to join Un-Cruise Adventures, there was one thing he said that stuck out to me. He spoke of the opportunity to be part of something truly great. He was honest—he couldn't tell me exactly where we'd be in the next couple of years. All he could promise was the opportunity to join him on an adventure that would be life changing. And it has been…in so many ways.

That's what's brought us all here today. Another chapter in the adventure. Dan didn't say it in so many words, but what he was offering to me that day four years ago was more than just an job—it is and has been an unbelievable journey in being a part of the creation of a legacy."

Well said, JeeSook. Well said.

She then broke a bottle of champagne over the bow. It took a few tries, but she did it.

JeeSook christens the S.S. Legacy

JeeSook breaks a bottle of champagne over the bow

The whistle and horns blew to signify the moment and everyone raised their glasses and toasted…to the S.S. Legacy!

And for your entertainment (and ours), here are more pictures from the event! Special thanks to the talented Cory Bagley (our IT Manager) for taking such stunning photographs.

Dan Blanchard

Captain and CEO Dan Blanchard proudly poses on the bow of the S.S. Legacy

The crowd gathers at the Fisherman's Terminal

The crowd gathers at Fishermen's Terminal

Office Staff has fun too

The day is not only symbolic and heartwarming, but fun!
From left: Nicole, sales; Alyson (me), marketing; Vinca, marketing; Andy, sales

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