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Sunrise with the Bo'sun


By Tucker, Bo’sun, Wilderness Adventurer

I awoke this morning at 5:00 am. My shift begins at 6:00 am; however I like to enjoy the first cup of coffee with the sunrise. Today, I was late. The sun here rises at an early 4:30 am, and sets later as well, creating a lingering dawn and twilight hour that makes for amazing photo opportunities. I took the occasion to test my new camera’s various settings.

The light was still golden through the broken clouds, scattering like search beams on the calm waters of Frederick Sound. We silently slipped into Saginaw Bay and our anchorage at Halleck Harbor. I captured many images, reveling in the tranquility and majesty of Baranof Island to our west. Across the mighty Chatham Strait, the lofty peaks bring the background of Alaska to full scale. In one word: Immense.

Baranof Island

Baranof Island

Today, I begin as I do most days - readying the boats! I am the Bo’sun onboard the Wilderness Adventurer, or Boat’s Swain, long-wind. Swain means ‘Lover Of,” therefore I am the lover of boats. All the small inflatable craft we carry are my charge. Their maintenance, operation and organization fall under my daily routine. I top off all air in the pontoons on our four craft, check their oil and fuel levels, ready their harnesses for hoisting, and check the schedules to see how the flow of the day will progress for operations. While preparing the boats, I continue enjoying the beautiful morning that heralds a bright, warm day for kayaking, paddle-boarding, skiff touring, and hiking ashore - all of which are on the menu! The boats are at the ready, and so is bacon! I mean, breakfast!

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