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I’m a Hawaiian girl at heart. I grew up learning how to harvest the bounty of the ocean from the clear clean water off the Kona coast. In many ways, Alaska and Hawaii are sister paradises, especially in one very particular way. Both Southeast Alaskans and Hawaiians celebrate their cultures through the local fare.
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An excerpt from the Safari Explorer guest book: “…There were 34 of us. Cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandkids..."
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I discovered Alaska to be the raw and natural beauty that I’d always imagined it to be... and then some.
Thumbnail for I Beared My Heart in Wrangell
At times, I felt as though I was in Disney World. It didn’t seem real that I was so close to wild bears.
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It is an exciting day here on the Safari Endeavour! After nearly three weeks of sitting on blocks in the dry dock, the Safari Endeavour re-enters the water and becomes a ship once again!

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