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Thumbnail for Feeding Frenzy in the Sea of Cortez
One would think that the largest animal on the planet would be easy to find, but the Sea of Cortez is a big place.
Thumbnail for The Feeding Frenzy Day in Baja
We watched in amazement as the feeding frenzy culminated in diving birds, the leaping of common dolphins, and the sound of whales breathing.
Thumbnail for The Largest Animal on Earth
Their tongues can weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as an automobile.
Thumbnail for Baja's Blue Whales
We’d found the giant of all whales and the largest animal to ever inhabit our planet - the blue whale! And we didn’t find just one.
Thumbnail for A Week of the Blues in Mexico
We had a very blue week in the Sea of Cortés - blue sky, blue ocean, and many, many, many blue whales.

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