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Thumbnail for Finding Beauty in Hells Canyon
Hells Canyon… with a name that enticing it’s no wonder that adventurers want to explore North America's deepest river gorge.
Thumbnail for From Desert to Waterfall
On the Rivers of Adventures itinerary on the Legacy, I got a chance to go hiking at Palouse Falls State Park.
Thumbnail for From Floozies to Stonehenge in The Dalles
Day six on the Columbia and Snake Rivers cruise brings us to The Dalles. Today, we explore Maryhill Museum, Stonehenge Memorial, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and take in spectacular views.
Thumbnail for The River That Was Here Before Anything Else
As the brave crew of the S.S. Legacy brought the ship down from Seattle to Portland to begin our season, the Heritage Team made our own journey to learn about the Geology of the Columbia River Gorge. I may know a thing or two about history, but when it comes to science, well…I may have slept that portion of my schooling. I wanted to know more about the prehistoric events that created the beautiful landscapes that we cruise through on the S.S. Legacy.