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Thumbnail for Captain’s Apple Spice Cake
Today, we bring you a taste of the Wilderness Discoverer...
Thumbnail for Smoked Salmon Rillettes Recipe
Whenever possible, our ingredients are sourced locally for freshness and regional authenticity, as well as to support the communities where we travel.
Thumbnail for The Perfect Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
The lemon ricotta pancakes are a favorite of ours but we didn't want to keep this deliciousness all to ourselves anymore.
Thumbnail for Delicious Coconut Cranberry Cookies
You know it to be true that even the most self-controlled among us cannot resist the fresh baked daily goodness created in the kitchen.
Thumbnail for UnCruise's Tasty Thai Cod Curry
There are many aspects of an UnCruise Adventure that make it an unforgettable experience. The scenery, wildlife, bushwhacking, snorkeling, kayaking and new friends all make guests feel like they’re at an adult summer camp.

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