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Thumbnail for Celebrate the Centennial
Today the National Parks Service turns 100! Celebrating the centennial are the 59 parks and over 300 monuments, preserves, trails and battlefields it currently maintains.
Thumbnail for Ever-Changing Alaska
"Ever-changing" has always described Alaska--it has been shaped by glacial ice flowing like a frozen river over the landscape, smoothing over cracks and mountains alike. And it is our joy to share our love and responsibility for this land with our guests who carry on that message of care, sharing it with those they love as well.
Thumbnail for Alaskan Ice Bucket Challenge
Topping off the week with the daring polar plunge, one plunger used the opportunity to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, Alaskan-style.
Thumbnail for Summer Camp for Grown-Ups in Alaska
The Un-Cruise experience is a bit like summer camp for grown-ups! Hiking, kayaking, running and taking in the scenery and wildlife, all while making fast friends with knowledgeable guides and an international group of fellow adventurers.
Thumbnail for Snorkeling in Alaska
Snorkeling in Alaska's 50 degree water? Turns out, with the help of a wetsuit, exploring the action-packed and colorful world below the surface in these waters is amazing!

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