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Thumbnail for Discovery on a Small Ship Cruise in Alaska
When taking a journey through the emerald waterways of Southeast Alaska on a small ship cruise, one can always be assured of amazing experiences and new discoveries.
Thumbnail for Springtime in Glacier Bay National Park
Our first time visiting Glacier Bay National Park this year was marked by a number of differences.
Thumbnail for Music With a View
In a last minute attempt to enhance the experience, our second mate Gavin and I grabbed our instruments and headed to the very top deck above the bridge of the vessel to surprise the guests with an outdoor mini-concert.
Thumbnail for John Hopkins Glacier is on a Mission to Move
Reaching 250 feet above the water, 200 below it, and extending over a mile and a half across the fjord, John Hopkins Glacier is a mighty sight to behold. Today John Hopkins is one of the few glaciers still advancing at about 17 feet a day! Creaking and popping, settling and sliding lead to the sudden thunderous BOOM!
Thumbnail for Exploring Glacier Bay National Park
It was a sunny July day as the Wilderness Explorer sailed into Bartlett Cove and the visitor center for Glacier Bay National Park.