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Thumbnail for The Icy Miracles of LeConte Glacier
We near the behemoth slices of glacial ice and slow our pace, gliding and rolling over the water as our wake gently nudges us forward.
Thumbnail for Gotta-See-'Em Glaciers
A visit to Southeast Alaska isn’t fully complete without an encounter with one of thousands of glaciers snaking their way down mountains, through valleys, and sometimes all the way to the ocean.  
Thumbnail for Dawes Glacier and Bergy Bits
As our skiff hovered near the snout of the glacier when the thunderous sound of ice breaking reverberated in the canyon just as a gigantic piece of ice the size of a 3-story building calved.
Thumbnail for Sawyer Glacier Calving, Alaska
This week offered ideal circumstances for experiencing Southeast Alaska; rain, sunshine, and a massive calving event on the Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm!
Thumbnail for Bears at Reid Glacier
We recently returned from our trip on Safari Endeavor, and when I tell people we were on an Alaska cruise I don’t feel like those words do it justice. I also have to follow up with: "And there were just 60 people on our boat." Not only was the group small, but the entire experience was up close and personal.

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