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Thumbnail for Tiny Moments in the Earth's Biggest Garden
I am in my room when I hear the anchor rattling below the bow. I grab my pack stuffed with binoculars and a camera for my day hike.
Thumbnail for What Do You Mean There's No Trail?
“HEEEEYOHHHHH!” The guide yells into the seemingly empty forest. Who is he yelling at? What’s out there? Why did I sign up for this?
Thumbnail for Secrets of the Alaskan Forest
It’s not until you step foot on the rocky, muddy shores with your boots and begin to explore, does the land reveal her secrets.
Thumbnail for Exploring in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula
As we made our way back to the boat, I wondered if there was anywhere else like this place.
Thumbnail for What is Bushwhacking?
I know what it’s supposed to be… a hike through the woods. But in reality, it isn’t like that at all.