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Thumbnail for Dall's Porpoise Playground
What did surprise everyone, even our veteran crew members, was seeing the Dall’s porpoise playing with the humpback whales.
Thumbnail for A Kayak With Killer Whales
I have kayaked close to humpback whales, but never have I even heard stories of other guides being in the water with the mighty Orca before.
Thumbnail for The Search for Whales
After spending the morning perusing the middle arm of Kelp Bay off the East side of Baranof Island, we made way South and further East. With many eyes on board we were on the search for whales. Typically abundant in these waters, after searching and searching we began to wonder, "where are they?"
Thumbnail for Seven Breaches
A thundering crash, then an eruption of shouts and cries echoed over the water.
Thumbnail for A Typical Day in Alaska
What's a typical day like aboard the Wilderness Explorer in Alaska? Kayaking among magically misty islands, skiffing beneath Bald Eagles, whales, waves and calm waters...a typical day is anything but typical.

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