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Thumbnail for A Kayak With Killer Whales
I have kayaked close to humpback whales, but never have I even heard stories of other guides being in the water with the mighty Orca before.
Thumbnail for Sounds of the Southeast
The paddle was an early one, the type where you squint your eyes at the sky trying to determine, fog or rain? As my group of kayakers began to get ready, the universe decided fog and the sun fought to burn through it, lift it, and whip it around until we could see our destination at Walpole Island.
Thumbnail for Open Paddle Kayaking
I’m always excited to see Open Paddle Kayaking on the activities roster. There is something magical about the solitude of exploring the scenery from a small boat.
Thumbnail for Sounds of Alaska
As soon as we got close to shore we stopped paddling; we all wanted to listen to what Alaska had to say to us.
Thumbnail for Kaunolu and the Shark Fin
After an early morning crossing to Lana’i, the guests of the Safari Explorer were treated to amazingly calm and beautiful conditions for snorkeling and kayaking at the base of the island’s towering sea cliffs. Captain Winston anchored the Safari Explorer off of Kaunolu, Lana’i, or an area commonly referred to as Shark Fin!