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Thumbnail for A Wildlife Oasis: Hiking Rowena Plateau
It was a perfect day for a hike. The strong dusty winds we had the previous day departed as we rounded that last bend in the Columbia River.
Thumbnail for From Desert to Waterfall
On the Rivers of Adventures itinerary on the Legacy, I got a chance to go hiking at Palouse Falls State Park.
Thumbnail for Photo Tips From The Field
Selfie sticks, goPro, drone cameras, Instagram, Facebook. We have a photo-centered culture. With a camera at our fingertips at all times, we’ve moved from an era of snapping a quick photo with our smartphones to taking hundreds of photos on cameras that we happen to be able to chat with our mom on. 
Thumbnail for Mountain Goat's Land
The Legacy sails south through Glacier Bay, gliding through calm, polished water, cutting through the reflection of the brush stroked clouds above. A pair of wading Murrelets flick a wary glance our way, scuffling in the opposite direction and dipping under the water as if diving under the covers of a warm, woolen blanket.
Thumbnail for Orca Sighting in Lynn Canal
I could feel the tingly haze that engulfs the mind and body just before sleep wrapping itself around me. I welcomed the sleep.  A muffled knock at the door. My roommate shuffled to answer. I heard her say something to me. “What was that?” I mumbled as I pulled the music from my ears.  “Orcas.”

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