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Thumbnail for Life Below the Tideline
This week, the Safari Explorer took advantage of an extremely low tide to prowl the shorelines of Frederick Sound in search of intertidal animal life.
Thumbnail for The Basic and Beautiful Influence of Biomimicry
Biomimicry is a topic that many people are unfamiliar with, even though their lives may be directly influenced by it.
Thumbnail for Exploring Panama's Diverse Marine Biology
I am especially excited about the snorkeling in the islands of Guna Yala, as this is one of the most pristine places in Panama.
Thumbnail for The Smallest Biggest Animal
This week's voyage in the Sea of Cortés was a Marine Biology-themed cruise. While learning about the underwater world, we were treated to a special sight: a newly born baby blue whale.
Thumbnail for Queen of the School
Did you know that many fish can change color due to social situations? Fish can use color to communicate with each other or camouflage themselves to ambush prey. There are also unusual colorations that we do not understand.