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Thumbnail for Masters of Disguise
When we start a walk through the rain forest, the first thing I say to our guests is "Keep your voice down so we can see and hear more things."
Thumbnail for Mobile Masterpieces in Costa Rica & Panama
Expedition Guide Luis Vega describes how he shares digital photography tips with guests on Costa Rica and Panama cruises aboard the Safari Voyager.
Thumbnail for Panama and Costa Rica Through the Senses
Looking out on the horizon, my eyes focus on the water. The Safari Voyager is moving stealthily through the waves, my hair blows in the wind, and I take a deep, long breath.
Thumbnail for Tiny Moments in the Earth's Biggest Garden
I am in my room when I hear the anchor rattling below the bow. I grab my pack stuffed with binoculars and a camera for my day hike.
Thumbnail for Adventuring in a Panamanian Paradise
It was a hot, humid morning, and we are soaking wet. But it didn't matter because we are all in awe of this incredibly beautiful and dynamic rainforest.

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