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Thumbnail for How to Photograph Alaska
A camera is like a tool box. Having a variety of settings, lenses, and accessories means you can create different types of images.
Thumbnail for ​How to Capture Fantastic Photos in Costa Rica & Panama
The vibrant tropical colors, the early morning and late afternoon tropical light, and the diverse wildlife never fail to delight me and inspire my photographic eye.
Thumbnail for Photography Tips From a Newbie
After a few months I’m beginning to hit my stride and I’ve found a couple of tips that keep it fun and maximize my photos.
Thumbnail for Smooth Sailing
The waters are so calm here that I often get asked the question, “Is this fresh water?” because it looks like a lake.
Thumbnail for Interrupted by a Breaching Humpback Whale
Hannah, another guide onboard quietly slipped into the room and sidled up next to me. I knew something big must be happening.

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