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Thumbnail for Smooth Sailing
The waters are so calm here that I often get asked the question, “Is this fresh water?” because it looks like a lake.
Thumbnail for Interrupted by a Breaching Humpback Whale
Hannah, another guide onboard quietly slipped into the room and sidled up next to me. I knew something big must be happening.
Thumbnail for I Beared My Heart in Wrangell
At times, I felt as though I was in Disney World. It didn’t seem real that I was so close to wild bears.
Thumbnail for Ice Sculpture Searching
Alaska is a place that keeps an expedition guide on their toes.
Thumbnail for The Vermilion Seen
Vermilion is a brilliant red or scarlet pigment. The Sea of Cortés was once called The Vermilion Sea for its impressive algal blooms that turn the sea red.