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Thumbnail for Capturing the Aurora Borealis
We are aboard the Wilderness Discoverer, a small ship cruise bound for Sitka, Alaska. As we turned north and the sky darkened, we looked up at the stars beginning to emerge. They began to undulate and grow brighter and take up more of the sky. Slowly, hues came into the wisps. Bright, vibrant greens and pale yellows, along with magenta and purples. It was the aurora borealis welcoming us on on our passage to new waters.
Thumbnail for Underwater Wonders in Hawaii
So many of these photos depict the colorful fish and other sea creatures our guests see when snorkeling and partaking in water activities. It's a major highlight in the clear waters off the Hawaiian Islands.
Thumbnail for Symphony of the Sea
While it can be challenging at times to come up with new activities and ideas towards the end of season, it is a challenge I gladly accept.
Thumbnail for History and Tintypes
The S.S. Legacy has undergone major renovations this past year, and she looks amazing! On August 11, she'll leave Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle and make her way north to Alaska on our first Heritage Adventure. To fully bring history alive, we decided to take crew portraits in the way they would have been taken in the late 1800s—through tintypes.
Thumbnail for 10 Tips for Photographing Your Cruise
​No matter what camera you're using or your level of interest in photography, I hope these tips help you bring back beautiful memories of your trip.