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Thumbnail for Marlene's Journal: Excerpts from Alaska
UnCruise guest Marlene shares diary excerpts from her Alaskan journey aboard the Wilderness Adventurer.
Thumbnail for Polar Plungers
About 75 percent of the guests on board walked out in their robes with towels and worried looks.
Thumbnail for New Friends in Glacier Bay
Our week ended with a spectacular two-day run of sunny and warm weather in Glacier Bay National Park.
Thumbnail for Dawes Glacier and Bergy Bits
As our skiff hovered near the snout of the glacier when the thunderous sound of ice breaking reverberated in the canyon just as a gigantic piece of ice the size of a 3-story building calved.
Thumbnail for Alaskan Ice Bucket Challenge
Topping off the week with the daring polar plunge, one plunger used the opportunity to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, Alaskan-style.