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Thumbnail for From Desert to Waterfall
On the Rivers of Adventures itinerary on the Legacy, I got a chance to go hiking at Palouse Falls State Park.
Thumbnail for From Floozies to Stonehenge in The Dalles
Day six on the Columbia and Snake Rivers cruise brings us to The Dalles. Today, we explore Maryhill Museum, Stonehenge Memorial, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and take in spectacular views.
Thumbnail for Jet Boating Into Hells Canyon
Get ready for a day of sightseeing and adventure in Hells Canyon.
Thumbnail for Cruising the Snake River
Day three on the Columbia & Snake River Cruise is a day to relax, make new friends and unwind after your travels to the S.S. Legacy and a busy day two. It's cruising day!
Thumbnail for Those Dam Locks
Have you ever witnessed a vessel travelling through a lock? If you’ve been a guest on the 88-guest S.S. Legacy as she navigates the natural beauty of the Columbia River than you are no stranger to these engineering marvels.