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Thumbnail for Adventuring in North America's Deepest Canyon
With a name as enticing as Hells Canyon, it’s no wonder that adventurers want to explore North America's deepest river gorge at 7,993 feet!
Thumbnail for A River of Wine
When people ask me about my time on UnCruise, a grin spreads across my face as I’m flooded with fond memories and fantastic stories.
Thumbnail for The Channel Less Traveled
The south course is wide and defines a gentle curve at the entrance to the Deschutes River. This is the route that the S.S. Legacy chooses to take…most of the time.
Thumbnail for Lewis and Clark’s Winter Camp at Fort Clatsop
Imagine you are an explorer to the Northwest coast; All around you are reminders that you are alien to this land. Gargantuan trees, their tops lost from sight, shrouded in mist; a tidal river, choked with fish. A solid wall of green forest, forbidding you to enter too far into the trees. Wild elk grazing in a field, seemingly indifferent to your presence.
Thumbnail for Nez Perce Music & History on the Rivers
JR Spencer, a Nez Perce, visit the S.S. Legacy on the river cruise each week for a captivating presentation of his tribe's music and storytelling.

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