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Thumbnail for The Pièce De Résistance
As I stood on the bridge wing, desperate to take in every serac and crevasse the eye could see, the view suddenly got even better.
Thumbnail for Sledding into Spring
My guests are all waiting behind me to see where we will go next and puzzled looks come over their faces as I drop my pack and stomp up the side of the slope.
Thumbnail for Waking Up With Alaska
Humble and unassuming, the Wilderness Adventurer is the first tour ship of the season to stir the waters at Misty Fjords National Monument.
Thumbnail for Spring Adventures Along the Awe-Inspiring Alaskan Coastline
We were able to take our zodiac up to what felt like the edge of the glacier, and after sitting there for a few minutes, we watched as a massive chunk calved off into the icy waters below.
Thumbnail for The Giant Elephant Rock
This island is one of the only islands in the Sea of Cortés that is mostly comprised of granite.

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