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Thumbnail for The Feeding Frenzy Day in Baja
We watched in amazement as the feeding frenzy culminated in diving birds, the leaping of common dolphins, and the sound of whales breathing.
Thumbnail for Interrupted by a Breaching Humpback Whale
Hannah, another guide onboard quietly slipped into the room and sidled up next to me. I knew something big must be happening.
Thumbnail for Mexico's Microcosms
It was fuzzy and its long hooked feet moved slowly as it chased ants down the cactus ribs. Looking closely you could see colorful pollen still attached to its body from a previous foray on another plant.
Thumbnail for Land Tour Treat
​With any new cruise, excursion, activity or even dessert item that we create, we want to make sure it lives up to the Un-Cruise Adventures standard. So we test it out. And with the dessert item, we just might test it more than once.
Thumbnail for Hawaii's Day Octopus
While most of the world’s octopi hunt and feed at night, Hawaii’s Day Octopus is an exception to that rule. Luckily for us snorkelers, this master of disguise is much easier to spot when moving about during daylight hours.