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Thumbnail for A Flying Whale
I grab my binoculars and head to the bow. Sure enough, a humpback whale has just rocketed out of the water some six or seven hundred yards away.
Thumbnail for Bear Over There
I was shocked to see the enormous splash of a breaching whale on the horizon. We all stopped paddling and watched, breathless, as the humpback continuously breached.
Thumbnail for Recipe For The Perfect Glacial Facial
​There’s nothing quite like standing at a glacier, squishing your hands into a pile of mud, and rubbing it all over your face. It’s like a facial with nature’s soap.
Thumbnail for I Beared My Heart in Wrangell
At times, I felt as though I was in Disney World. It didn’t seem real that I was so close to wild bears.
Thumbnail for The Best of Alaska
While some moments are stolen in solitude or inside jokes with fellow crew, all are a perfect reflection of just how incredibly lucky we are to have spent an entire summer exploring Southeast Alaska aboard the Wilderness Explorer.