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Thumbnail for Seeing the Forest for the Fish
Those onboard the Wilderness Explorer over the past few weeks have had the incredible privilege to witness a grand show unfolding in the temperate rainforest called the great salmon run.
Thumbnail for Wonderful Wildlife
We all have dreams and anticipations of getting incredibly close to the pure rawness of wildlife in rugged Alaska. Those dreams were met this week for many guests and crew.
Thumbnail for Breathe in Alaska's Beauty
The Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska is a place that’s often difficult to explain in words.
Thumbnail for Remember the Small Stuff
Alaska is big. It is the largest state in the US, home to 17 of the county’s 20 tallest peaks, and claims the largest national forest in the nation. But Southeast Alaska also has an incredible amount of beauty that can easily be overlooked--so we always try to take time to look at the small stuff.
Thumbnail for Devil's Club: Friend or Foe?
Devil’s Club is an enchanting plant that is a staple in the forests and medicine cabinets for the people of Southeast Alaska. While it can cause irritating wounds for those that unknowingly touch it, when handled with care, it is an incredibly powerful medicinal plant.