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Thumbnail for Bear Over There
I was shocked to see the enormous splash of a breaching whale on the horizon. We all stopped paddling and watched, breathless, as the humpback continuously breached.
Thumbnail for Recipe For The Perfect Glacial Facial
​There’s nothing quite like standing at a glacier, squishing your hands into a pile of mud, and rubbing it all over your face. It’s like a facial with nature’s soap.
Thumbnail for I Beared My Heart in Wrangell
At times, I felt as though I was in Disney World. It didn’t seem real that I was so close to wild bears.
Thumbnail for The Best of Alaska
While some moments are stolen in solitude or inside jokes with fellow crew, all are a perfect reflection of just how incredibly lucky we are to have spent an entire summer exploring Southeast Alaska aboard the Wilderness Explorer.
Thumbnail for Seeing the Forest for the Fish
Those onboard the Wilderness Explorer over the past few weeks have had the incredible privilege to witness a grand show unfolding in the temperate rainforest called the great salmon run.

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