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Thumbnail for 20 Feet
All of a sudden, a rainbow appeared between two massive mountains in the distance. No one could believe what was happening!
Thumbnail for Family Discoveries and Tlingit Customs
This week was Family Discoveries week aboard the Safari Endeavour! With ages varying from six to eighteen, the boat was alive with different questions, ideas, and discoveries.
Thumbnail for Cold Weather Cure
It’s cold in the north and winter is coming. Need a warm up? We have an antidote. The 84-guest Safari Endeavour kicked off her 2014-15 winter season sailing adventure cruises in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés.
Thumbnail for “This is the best hike ever!”
"Bushwhack" hikes are among the most popular activities on an Un-Cruise trip, especially during Kids in Nature weeks, when the simple joy of outdoor recreation meets concentration, wayfinding, and teamwork.
Thumbnail for Young Adventurers Pick Trip Highlights
This week on the Safari Endeavour cruising in remote Southeast Alaska was a little different with more young energy on board--a little bit more competitive, and a little bit more fashionable due to the presence of seven miniature adults. Each child was asked to describe their highlights of the week.

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