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Thumbnail for Springtime Prep for Alaska
Spring officially begins tomorrow, March 20. That means the busy Alaska season is just around the corner. At this time of year, we are deep in spring yard work readying the fleet for a full summer of fun.
Thumbnail for Symphony of the Sea
While it can be challenging at times to come up with new activities and ideas towards the end of season, it is a challenge I gladly accept.
Thumbnail for The Most Awesomist Lie
As crew members at Un-Cruise Adventures, it is our job to make sure our guests are having an awesome time. Sometimes we even have to tell a big lie.
Thumbnail for A Scramble and a Scampy
Comparing my day to day activities, it might be hard for some (myself included!) to categorize it as work. Kayaking close to bears meandering along the coast, floating in skiffs while humpback whales swarm around you and hiking up the rocky lateral moraine of glaciers.This week with an especially intrepid and eager group we landed right next to Margarie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park and set out for adventure.
Thumbnail for Fairy Barf
I love lichens. I can fully understand, however, why a five-year-old might not find descriptions of crustose, cephalodia and thalli formations overly stimulating. Which is why I always look for Placopsis gelida, colloquially known as “fairy barf.”

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