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Thumbnail for Star Talk in the Sea of Cortes
Drawing a green line of light through the darkness, I was able to direct everyone to the sky and point out a few of my favorite constellations. 
Thumbnail for A Fantastic Fitness and Wellness Cruise in Alaska
The wellness components are an added bonus to an already amazing experience.
Thumbnail for ​Spring Into Wellness: A New Awakening in Alaska
Springtime is an exceptional time to visit Alaska, when the mountains are still snow-capped and the whales are returning from the warm waters of the south.
Thumbnail for The Standup Paddle Board Competition
It all started with some friendly trash talk.
Thumbnail for Crew Photo Contest Winners!
We recently had a photo contest amongst the crew members at Un-Cruise Adventures. The contest was the talk of the ships for several weeks as crew members sought to capture the best shot in one of the five categories.