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In Mexico's sunny Sea of Cortés, there are many islands--some large, some small, some broad, some narrow. All of them hold mysteries and wonders. On a small cluster of rocks known as Los Islotes, one such wonder is experienced by guests aboard the Safari Voyager on a Mexico cruise.
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The Gulf of California, or Sea of Cortés, is in many areas a hyper saline sea owing to low freshwater inputs and high evaporation rates.
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The Sea of Cortés is a place of grand forces. Our mountains rise up in colorful layers of ash deposited by long-ago cataclysmic volcanic eruptions; the sky spins with myriad seabirds all thronging and soaring and rocketing in search of food and love; the breath of colossal whales startles us with its sudden thunder as we cruise over deep waters on quiet evenings; and we pause in the heat of the day under the quenching shadows of the world's very largest cacti.
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I have the greatest job in the world. My office changes with the seasons and is located in some of the most beautiful places in the world. The bulk of my job consists of finding beautiful things, pointing them out to people and doing my best to interpret the wonders of nature in a way that is both meaningful and understandable. There is, however, one area of my job that I love above all others – whale watching.
Thumbnail for Drops of Life: Rainfall in Baja's Desert Islands
It was a glassy morning on the water, and we could see the crisp reflections of pelicans as they skimmed low over the bay. In the calm, we could almost hear the rustle of vulture's feathers as they stretched atop their cactus perches and began to ride the day's warm thermals up into the sky.

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