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Thumbnail for How to Photograph Alaska
A camera is like a tool box. Having a variety of settings, lenses, and accessories means you can create different types of images.
Thumbnail for ​How to Capture Fantastic Photos in Costa Rica & Panama
The vibrant tropical colors, the early morning and late afternoon tropical light, and the diverse wildlife never fail to delight me and inspire my photographic eye.
Thumbnail for Spring Sights in the Pacific Northwest
One thing that is certain about birds is that there will always be surprises. You can never know for certain what birds will turn up.
Thumbnail for Craft Beer Cruising
Craft beer and cruising through beautiful coastal Washington... Sounds like a perfect match, right? No, you're not dreaming. That combination really does exist.
Thumbnail for Craft Cruising on the Coast
The onset of fall on the Salish Sea is the perfect time for a beer themed cruise aboard the Wilderness Adventurer.