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Thumbnail for Closer. Bigger. Bolder: Wildlife in the Galapagos
Dozens of three-feet-long iguanas are piled high like sandbags. Watch your step. Wildlife in the Galapagos isn’t afraid to walk—or lie—around.
Thumbnail for The Bird Island
​We hopped on to the panga boat and pushed off from the La Pinta. Our driver hummed a tune as we zoomed to the picturesque Isla Genovesa.
Thumbnail for History in Every Footstep
I realized how happy I am to be on foot, enjoying Quito’s unique history one step at a time.
Thumbnail for Greetings from the Galápagos
Our first Galápagos Islands cruise takes off TODAY, and we couldn’t be more excited! In order for us to release that excitement in a constructive and socially acceptable way (the 50,000 person Galápagos blowout bash was quashed for reasons unknown), we want to share all the amazing places you’ll go, things you’ll see and excursions you’ll do.
Thumbnail for The Essential Galápagos Packing List
You’ve booked your dream vacation aboard the La Pinta and you’re ready to explore the Galápagos Islands like Charles Darwin himself!