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Torrey's Magic Bars


Recipe from the Wilderness Adventurer

On a small ship adventure cruise in Alaska, you’ll be expending a lot of energy—kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding, poking around tidepools, maybe even snorkeling. Exploring new places takes energy! You’ll need fuel for your body. Good fuel.

Each vessel in our fleet has an excellent chef and galley crew. The food is good. Really good. The favorite—or maybe reviled—team member on the galley crew is often the pastry chef. There is a pastry chef on every vessel in our fleet. It is their job to make sure you don’t lose too much weight. Seriously, you are going to be outside expending energy and having the time of your life. You need fuel. But no, it is really the pastry chef's job to create fresh breads, rolls, muffins, pastries and desserts for meals.

Menus will vary ship to ship. But here’s one dessert we found they’re serving on the Wilderness Adventurer this summer in Alaska. Now this is good fuel.

magic bars

Oh yummers. Magic bars are a delicious treat--necessary fuel for adventure!

Torrey’s Magic Bars
This makes a large pan of magic.

Graham Cracker Crust
1 lb graham crackers
8 oz sugar
12 oz melted butter

To make crust, mix ingredients and press in bottom of large sheet pan.

1 lb coconut
1 lb chocolate chips
11 oz white chocolate chips (This must be because you eat the other 1 oz while cooking...)
1 lb pecans
3 cans sweet condensed milk

Mix all dry ingredients together and spread over graham cracker crust. Pour sweet condensed milk over the mixture and work into the filling being careful not to loosen the filling. The idea is to help the condensed milk absorb into the mixture. Bake for 12-14 minutes at 350 degrees.

Don’t eat it all yourself unless you are planning to join us for an Ultra Adventure in Alaska. That’s 21 nights/20 days of pure adventure. Then you can eat the whole pan. Your choice.

Wilderness Adventurer

The 60-guest Wilderness Adventurer is the magic bar expedition ship


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