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A Unique Morning in Glacier Bay


By Dave Goodrick, Expedition Guide on the Legacy

So there I was, aft on the 2nd deck of the SS Legacy. The grey morning air filling my nose and with it something familiar. A hint of recent rain? No. Rain in the foreseeable future? Yes.  

Gazing off into the water we left behind, I stood mesmerized at our wake colliding with the oncoming chop. The waves seem to meet and build and pass and fall. All in a synchronized churning that fades back to a light chop as the Legacy moves further and further away.

And then in the distance, something caught my eye. A spray of water. Could it have been a small clash of waves sending this spray upward? Not likely. The height seemed too high and the mist too fine. There it is, once more! A plume of water and air thrust upward as if thrown by something powerful down below! And now with the floating mist dissipating over the ocean, I can see it. The dark curved outline of a humpback whale peeks over the surface. First its head, then its shallow dorsal fin. And finally, the whale arches its back until its fluke emerges from the sea. A grand display! Water droplets dripping from the fluke as it folds upward, revealing its distinctive signature underneath. It comes to full view, revealing white mottled against grey.

Slowly the fluke disappears into the ocean as the whale dives down. I am once more left standing, staring at our wake colliding with the oncoming chop. As the white caps roll against the grey sky, it begins to rain on this unique morning.  

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