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Valentine’s Day on the Sea of Cortés


By Chris Arora, Steward, Safari Endeavour

As the crew gathered in the galley for 7:00 am crew breakfast, it was quickly noted that Valentine’s Day had arrived, as we were all welcomed with a small bag of chocolates that had our names on it. With that came the thoughts of how to make this a memorable day for the guests.

After a morning full of snorkeling, kayaking, and beach lounging, it was time to settle back into the boat for lunch time. The choice was made to see what wildlife the Sea of Cortés had to offer us today. Shortly after lunch there were shouts of whale sightings and dare I say it, the Baja orcas had arrived at the perfect moment!

Ahoy! Orca!

Around seven transient orcas had decided to not only grace us with their presence, but they enjoyed riding the bow while doing so.

Orca riding the bow

Orca riding the bow!

After being amazed by the orcas, everyone knew that today was a special day. And as the day went on, Baja decided to bring us more Valentine’s gifts. Just before dinner, we came upon pods of bottle-nosed dolphins—the sea was filled with them as they were playing and feeding.



Shortly thereafter, we witnessed the largest whale spouting you can possibly see—from a blue whale!

For dinner, the dining room was specifically arranged for the evening to present Chef Graziano’s perfectly planned meal that had been created to match the feelings of the day. Baja lobster and slow roasted prime rib paired perfectly with fine Italian wines. And to finish—chocolate decadence with a chocolate covered strawberry.

After a long and exciting day the guests returned to their rooms to find a rose lying on each pillow. However, as the guests ended their day and the crew prepared for the day to come, the Sea of Cortés offered one last romantic gesture. Bottle-nosed dolphins had come back to ride the bow of the boat—and the bio-luminescence of the water made them glow! Little did they know they left the crew and the guests of the Safari Endeavour a Valentine’s Day they will never forget.

Baja sunset

Beautiful sunset over Baja

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