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In the off-season, boats are often pulled out of the water for maintenance work and inspections. The Safari Endeavour is currently in dry dock in Anacortes, Washington prior to setting sail for its winter season in Baja, Mexico in the Sea of Cortés.

In this video, Captain Jill explains a bit about what will happen in dry dock.

What else is being done in dry dock?

  • US Coast Guard examines the hull--a yearly inspection
  • Steel repairs
  • Shaft and rudder repairs
  • Touch up bottom paint

Once the boat is back in the water in Seattle, more work will be done on board. The boat is getting a new galley floor and new carpet in the hallways. Other refurbishments will occur in the lounge. The US Coast Guard will also conduct its annual safety inspection.

Then it's on to Baja, Mexico! Come sail with us on the new Baja's Bounty Luxury Adventure out of La Paz. Hope to see you there.

What Happens in Dry Dock?


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