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What is it like to visit Glacier Bay National Park with a ranger?


By Tyler Stern, Expedition Guide on the Wilderness Adventurer

We are lucky enough to be graced by the presence of a real live National Park Ranger each and every day that we are in Glacier Bay National Park. This week the guests aboard the Wilderness Adventurer were in for a treat. We had a seasoned veteran Glacier Bay interpretative ranger, the one and only, Ranger Nicole. She has been working in the park longer than anyone on the Wilderness Adventurer has been working for UnCruise, and she was modest and humble to boot.

Nicole had been there for the strike, scavenging, and recreation of the skeletal remains of the whale known as Snow. She was present for the emotionally charged 2016 ceremony welcoming home the Hoona Tlingit to their ancestral homeland after the glacier once occupying the entirety of Glacier Bay chased them across Icy straight. She has seen glaciers retreat and science advance. She bore witness as those once cast out were reunited with a place long lost. However, this week, she was with us to share her knowledge, passion, and experiences with our guests.

Perhaps it was that age old National Park uniform, or maybe just that iconic ranger hat. Or more than likely it was the way she commanded the attention of the room with her voice and her presence. You could see the eyes of the guests light up when she spun her stories of the past and present of Glacier Bay. You could hear the oohs and the aahs from the crowd as loved ones looked at each other during her heart felt punctuations and dramatic pauses. She is good at what she does and it was plain for everyone to see.

Though it was a unique treat to have a ranger with such enthusiasm and poise as Nicole, we have rangers onboard every week helping to engage guests in a place that has become their home—crafting a beautifully formulated message of hope and inspiration for our wild lands in Alaska and the US as a whole.

Visit Glacier Bay National Park on an Alaska UnCruise

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